Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whats coming up?

Seedlings, baby, seedlings. That's whats coming up.  Well, most anyway. 

My budget was strained last month, so my plan to order some of the more interesting witch herbs has been delayed, hopefully not for much longer.  I still have a good four weeks to start seeds, but about now, I think I'll be looking for someone who can sell me some plants that are already started. 

It's time to remove the Henbane from the fridge where it has been stratifying for the past two weeks, the White Sage is in there too, that comes out in a few days.  I tried germinating some white sage two weeks ago and nothing has come up. Let's hope the cold treatment will help.

The Angelica has not risen from it's grave, that's what it seems to have become.  Dead and buried.  I guess I'll have to write to the company that packaged them.  The Rue has not emerged either.  I got two seedlings from the Anise, thou. 

The Feverfew and Opium Poppy are very delicate, I have to keep an eye on them and make sure they stay moist. I lost a few of the poppies already. But they germinated fairly quickly, so I can always put down more tomorrow.

 The Tarragon and Chamomile are getting a little bushier, but are still quite small.

The Hyssop continues to be a strong grower.

Purslane is another delicate seedling that needs constant watching. 

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