Friday, April 29, 2011

Frack and Falgercarb....

I just got a call from Horizon Herbs, the nursery where I ordered my Osha plants.  Seems I won't be getting any after all.  Their stock did not survive the cold spring and they have no other Osha plants or seeds.  Figures.  Now I have to search some more.  Bloody hell. 

The weather has been so wet here that the garden I'm working in has not opened yet.  Hopefully something will happen next week, we are supposed to have at least 3-4 days of good weather.   This kind of thing makes me wish I had even just a small bit of ground of my own so I could grow just the really interesting poison herbs and keep an eye on them.  Even container gardening would be good, but its not an option for me.  Heavy sigh. 

Oh well, keep moving forward. 

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