Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ordering my Magic Herbs...

Just a little update on my herb search.  I know I haven't posted an article on Osha (Ligusticum porteri) yet, but I do suggest those who are interested in growing medicinal herbs to find and grow this native plant. I did mention this herb before, in January, I believe, it is the plant that was used by a native american woman to smudge an event room, and it smelled fabulous. 

I have ordered three Osha plants from Horizon Herbs in Oregon.  They have plants (but they're out of seeds), for $10 each. That's a bit steep but after a half-hour long online search, they were the only people I could find who carry and sell the live plants.  Sure, you can find Osha dried root anywhere, but not the plant or seeds so's you can grow it yourself. 

I arranged with them to ship the plants out in two weeks, since my garden space is not open yet, it gives me a little time to prepair for them.  Hopefully the garden will be open by then. 

I will probably be doing a little more ordering next week for the more difficult to find herbs and will report my progress accordingly.   I am also going to wait for the plant sales at the local arboretums before I order too many other plants.    I did visit a large nursery in Doylestown, PA, but they had nothing of interest in the plant department.  However I did manage to find a few seeds, including Clary Sage.

My Henbane and White Sage seedlings are doing fine so far, and there were several more Henbanes popping up this morning.  Yay. 

My computer is now in the shop for a period of two to three weeks, so postings by me will be sporatic at best. 

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