Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy little Henbane & White Sage Seedlings!

Yay!  The stratification worked and I now have a few Henbane and White Sage Seedings!  Oh joy.

They are still very tiny, but hopefully you will at least get a look at them for future reference. 

I am still waiting to get started on the community garden.  The opening day was this past weekend, but due to lots and lots of rain in this area, they are unable to plow the field so we can get our crops going.  And I just know how the weather works here in Philly,  we get tons of rain in the spring, and then we will be dying of heat and humidity all summer.  Can't wait.

My computer is getting worse, crashing on me more and more.  I'm trying to get a few things done before I take it to the shop.  I expect to take it in for repairs within a few days, so if I suddently stop posting for several days, you'll know what happened.  It will take a minimum of three weeks to get it back, but I hope to post a few articles from the library.   Those geeks should give us loaner computers, like they do with cars.  Hey Best Buy!  Take a hint!

Henbane seedings, still very tiny.

Henbane, fresh out of the fridge after 2 weeks

White Sage seedings

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