Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Herbal "Want" List

Below is a list of herbs that I hope to grow this year. The star indicates those I have already successfully grown in the past. 

So far, this is just a tentative list, it will change, undoubtedly, either growing or shrinking. I will research each plant and decide whether it is suitable for my needs. Or I may just decide that it will be too much trouble to deal with this season.  I am keeping in mind that I do not have my garden space secured yet, (I will be looking into that in a week or two, maybe sooner, depends on my bipolar mood.), so I must keep the list modest until I know what I will be able to handle in regard to space.

Some of the really cool "witch's" herbs are actually shrubs, bushes, and trees. I cannot handle those, unfortunately, as community gardens usually require you to clear out everything by the end of the harvest season, usually around mid-October.

If anyone is reading this, and you think of an herb that I have not listed, please feel free to suggest something.

Mandragora officinarum- Mandrake (black and white)
Ligusticum poteria- Osha aka Wild Lovage

Inula helenium - Elecampane aka Elfwort
Cytisus scoparius - Witch's Broom
Myristica fragrans - Nutmeg
Achillea millefolium - Yarrow*
Angelica sinensis - Angelica*

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