Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monkshood In My Garden!

The local nursery came through and I now have two lovely Aconitum napellus in my garden.  They are about 24" tall and have several buds already.  Can't wait to see them bloom.  They cost about $12 each.  I planted them at the outside corner of my garden,  maybe they will act as a deterrent to thieves.  I still can't believe that this highly poisonous plant is readily available in any good flower shop.  Amazing. 

Well, been busy on and off with the garden, weather permitting.  We had two nice days but mostly we are bombarded with heavy humidity, making garden work almost impossible.  The soil in this garden is extremely clay-like, when it's soaked, it acts like quicksand, sucking your feet down until it claims your shoes. 

As I have been working in the garden, I am meeting the other gardeners and getting to know them.  Most are really nice, and some will need more than a few grains of salt.  Stories of thievery abound, and just this past weekend a poor dog was found murdered, hanging from a tree with a stick down it's throat. (I hate people.)  One day I found a lot of little clumps of white fur scattered around my garden.  I figured some of the local feral cats had a fight there, but another gardener told me that the falcons make the occasional meal of the feral kittens.  I never realized that this garden would be such an adventure. 

Yesterday I discovered an adorable little toad in my garden.  It's great having them, as they eat nasty insects, snails and other pests.  In classical myth, toads were believed to be one of the animals that witches used as familiars.  I'm going to try and devise a simple little toad house to encourage the toads to hang around.  That can be made with something as simple as a broken clay flower pot, tin cans or a couple of rocks.

This is the gate that I made, lots of people at the garden are stopping by to tell me how much they like my fense and gate.  All I did was plant some tall sticks in the ground and tie some string.  I didn't think they were such a big deal.   I was just trying to put up something to deter human thieves.  I'm not even thinking about the deer yet, they won't be stopped by this fense, they can easily clear one 12' high.  I've already seen their foot prints in my garden.  They were probably checking out what I have for later.   
I planted some black tomatos, and built  cages around them out of sticks and string, I think maybe they confused the deer, since they were not touched.  Many other gardeners have had their tomatos eaten down to little nubs by the potato beetles and deer.

And this is my garden, not much to look at yet, but it's coming along.

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