Monday, June 27, 2011

Finally, a moment to write...

Been busy in life, visitors from out of town, working the garden...Oh, I have to tell you...I was in the garden and one of the other gardeners drove past and then stopped..."You know..." he said out the window of his car..."I have to tell you...I love your garden."   

I was stunned.  I really didn't know what to say.  In my mind I said "You do?"  Like, how could anyone admire this? 

"I love the way you laid it out, it's nice the way it looks...with a little over there, and that on the other side..."

Still a little stunned by this unexpected adoration, I replied, "well, it's just that I do things kinda free-form." 

He insisted in looked great.  I thanked him.  Really, thou, I was stunned. 

My Henbane and White Sage seedlings all died, not sure if I mentioned that before.  But the fact that I actually got them started is still exciting.  I'll just have to do better next year, that's all.  That's the great thing about gardening, you learn from your mistakes.

The herbs that were put into the garden are doing really well.  Except for the French Lavender. It died.  Oh, and the Coriander is on it's last legs.  The Fennel is doing great.  I had only two, but I just found some today, so hopefully I'll get 4-6 more out of those young plants.  I also picked up a Citronella and a Pennyroyal, so I guess I'll have to write articles about them soon. Now that my garden actually looks like it's growing something, I will make some current photos and put them up.

The potato beetles are not as bad as I was led to believe.  A lot of people did lose their tomato plants to them at the beginning, but I got an organic bug spray and its working. 

I have not been able to purchase any plants online yet, due to money problems, but I hope to order some soon, since they will already be somewhat grown, it should be ok if I can get them in by next week. Cross your fingers.  Otherwise, I will make due with what I've got. 

The Monkshood seem to be doing well enough.  It's always interesting to see what does well and what tends to fade.  My peas are a disaster, I've never had problems with them before. Strangely, the strawberries are doing well, and usually I kill those right away. Very odd. 

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