Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeping fingers crossed

I've just learned that the plow *might* show up on Saturday, IF we don't get any more rain this week.  Lots of other gardeners are really upset by this long delay.  I hope the weather holds up long enough for us to get things started, my seedlings are suffering and I've lost quite a few of them already. 

Both the anise seedlings took a header, as did the borage, which was really doing well otherwise.  I moved my seedlings outside, hopefully that will help, they were getting attacked by those little fleas that lay eggs in the soil and eat the seedling roots.  I lost most of my white sage seedlings too, only one left.  I transplanted that to a larger pot, hopefully that will help.  The henbane seedlings are starting to fall prey to the fleas, its really annoying that I can't move them to a more permanent place yet. 

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